When bio degradable things are used to prepare manure, a stink arises.  Lactic Acid Bactria can prevent the smell.  When compost is prepared in an airless place or cattle’s dung increases, they emit Ammonia which give this smell.  To control this smell, this acid can be used as it eats and digests the Ammonia.
When too many fish grow in a small tank or when the water quality is bad, it affects the growth of fish.  Even this is caused because of the Ammonia from the excretions of the fish.  Lactic Acid Bacteria solves this problem.
When sprinkled on plants, their growth is stimulated.

Take Rice washed water (Kazhuneer in Tamil) and fill a vessel with half of it.  Close the lid, allowing air to enter from a side.  The room temperature should be between 20 to 25 degree Celsius.  In seven days, it becomes sour and a cream layer forms.  Filter it. Add 10 parts of milk to this water.  Close it.
In seven days, starch and fat form a layer on top.  Filter them;  a yellow liquid is obtained now.  Add 1/3rd quantity of Jaggary and close.  Keep in room temperature.  This is Lactic Acid Bacteria Liquid.

Mix 100 ml of it with 2 liters of water and use.  If Cow milk is used, it gives very good results.  Water should not be chlorinated.

If Plantain leaves are fed to the fish, they grow faster.  They love to eat greens more.  Even Agase and Drumstick leaves are liked very much by them.  The filtered extract after taking out Coconut oil is also loved by them.  Any soft grass and green variety can be fed to them.

In this poultry farm, chicken droppings that collect underneath pens are thrown into ponds to nourish algae, which then becomes fish food.