The empty areas in Coconut groves can be used. Food varieties will grow well only in bigger tanks. If area is small, Vaasthu fish like KOI can be reared. They need a tank of 2 feet width and 3 feet depth. They gain weight upto 500 grams in three months. This is in demand.
As fish live in water, we need not be worried about the climate. So, they can be reared anywhere. But there should be water facilities atleast for 6 months. Water should always be there for them to live in comfortably. If clay is there, water can be retained easily. Drumstick, Agatti (Tamil), Soobha Grass SiriyaNangai (Tamil) ,Asola, Plantain leaves can be given to fish. Dung can be spread at the bottom of fish tanks to make bacteria and moss grow. These things make the fish gain weight and to become tastier. Asola when fed to fish, gather around the bunds and take roots there. This prevents soil erosion.


It is thought that fish do not get enough Oxygen if Asola is grown in the ponds which is a wrong motion. Even if the entire surface is covered with Asola, air enters through the gaps. After introducing fish into the ponds, spread 5 kg Asola for a pond of 10 cents. Once a month, same quantity Pancha Gavya should be sprayed. If the quantity of Pancha Gavya increases, the fish may die. A month after spreading Asola, 2 kg Asola can be harvested daily. Remove the entire Asola once in two years. Spread new Asola. If there is a need to add fresh water to the pond before this, store the Asola in a tank filled with water. After filling the pond with new water, Asola can be spread back. When the fish are hungry, they eat this Asola which makes them grow well and gain weight early. Cassia Tora leaves can be fed to fish.