There are more than 30 varieties of cows in India. Kabilai cow (Tamil) is considered very holy. It looks like Kaaraam pasu (Tamil). Kazhargod in Kerala has many of this variety. This is one of the endangered species now. It gives a little milk only but the milk is highly medicinal. Even its urine and dung have medicinal values.


10 months old bull calves are sold at Rs.15,000 per pair. They are more resistant against diseases. They pull heavy weights and plough very well. They need not be fixed with artificial hooves (Laadam) because their hooves are very hard and so called as stone hooves. Except on roads, they don’t need Laadam in any other place. These cows yield 2 litres milk twice a day.


Tamarind seeds are the best, but Tannin in them causes indigestion, so roast them and sprinkle water in which salt is dissolved. Tie in a cloth. The next morning, the peel will be soft. They can be easily peeled by hand. Mix 200 g. with the feed and give. This dosage is for a single cow. This is equivalent to a kilo of Punnakkau (Tamil). It has a lot of Protein. Lean cattle become fat. It makes them fertile. Goats can be given 100g. daily.

If the seeds are peeled and powdered, they will not get spoil the whole year. Take half a kilo and soak at night. Grind in the morning and feed. They can also be powdered and stored. The peel can be used as a dye.

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