Grind Hibiscus flowers, Black Jaggary and Rice and boil with Coconut milk. Drink it to gain strength. As Hibiscus flowers contain Gold element, it strengthens the body if taken daily.


Grind 500 g. red flowers well. Dissolve 1 kg sugar in enough water, filter and add the ground flowers.
Boil simmering all along. Keep it down when thick. Take 15 ml twice a day. This increases the urine flow.
Hibiscus petals; Lemon juice; Honey. Cut the petals and put into a wide vessel. Pour Lemon juice to cover the petals. Keep in sun for a day. Squeeze the petals. You get blood red juice. Add equal Honey.
Take a tablespoon twice a day. It should be made fresh daily. This strengthens heart; increases blood; cures white discharge and excessive bleeding.