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Natural Remedies for all kinds of diseases that can be prepared at home in a easy way. With no side effects, the remedies assure you the best treatment for all the problems. From Contagious diseases to Non-Contagious diseases, here are the tips and remedies to avoid and overcome the diseases. Back pain, Tuberculosis, Asthma, Cough, Appendicitis, indigestion, ulcers and many more. The articles have guided people to find a way to their problems related to health and beauty care. Indian have always believed in the medicines that are prepared at home with no chemical being added to it. Here are the list of such remedies.


MOTHS AND CABBAGE WORMS Pouring sour milk on Cabbage and other plants will discourage moths and Cabbage worms. Extract from Mustard oil preparation destroys the worms that destroy the Cabbage roots. ROTTING OF CABBAGE LEAVES Mix 300 ml Lemon juice and ten liters of water and spray. COMPANION CROPS Companion crops or mixed crops are [...]

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FALLING OF FLOWERS Soak Neem extract (Veppam Pinnakku in Tamil) in water and sprinkle. Soak Gingilly extract (Ellu Pinnakku in Tamil) and sprinkle. Do this alternately for 15 days. Flowers stop dropping and more vegetables grow. COMPANION CROPS Companion crops or mixed crops are the crops grown generally to avoid diseases and pest attacking the [...]

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YOCHANAIVALLI – TAMIL - MANDUKAPARNI Brahmi has the complete control of nervous system Brahmi means Cosmic Consciousness. This herb will help the flow of energy in the brain between the right and left hemispheres. The leaf looks like the two hemispheres of the brain. The tea promotes sound sleep and peaceful, alert awakening. THE POWDER [...]

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Brahma Thandu

The plant is found suitable for the reclamation of alkaline soils. Dried and powdered plants are recommended as green manure as it contains sufficient amount of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. Oilcake is used as manure. Seed oil, popularly known as Satyanashi oil is used as an illuminant, lubricant, in soap making, and for protection from [...]

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Support Crops

SUPPORT CROPS Plant Agathi (Tamil) (Sesbania) tree near Banana trees.  Keep cutting Agathi branches and feed cattle.  When this tree is nearby, plantains give good yield.  Agathi absorbs Nitrogen from atmosphere and stores it in it roots.  No other plant can compete with it in this work.  Any plant can be grown under Agathi with [...]

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Waste Cotton

WASTE COTTON Farmers feed waste cotton from Mills to cattle. If this cotton is spread all over the soil, it covers the entire land. Weeds do not grow. It degrades faster and forms a good manure. It also absorbs and saves rain water. So less water is used to irrigate the land. Onions, Beetroot and [...]


SRIPHALA – BILVA – AGELE MARMELOS BILVA TREE HAS THE CAPACITY TO ABSORB SUN’S VIBRATIONS. It has a predominant place in the making of gold according to Sri Suktha. If properly stored, the leaves will remain fresh for 6 months. The gummy mucous substance surrounding the seeds is a good adhesive. It can be used [...]