Powder Adathoda Vasica leaves and take half a teaspoon daily with honey.

Boil tender Mango leaves and filter. Add a little honey and drink.

Boil Tulsi leaves in water and gargle. Drink it.

If you get pain in the throat, immediately take a spoon of honey but let the honey be pure.

A small piece of raw Licorice should be chewed or sucked.

To keep sore throat fit, grind two dry Bitter Gourds in Vinegar to make a paste. Apply over the throat once a day.

Gargling fresh Mint decoction with salt keeps the voice clear if used before singing. It is thus a boon to the singers and orators.

Keep chewing a Clove. It also strengthens the gums.

Mix a little piece of dry Ginger and crystal sugar and keep chewing. Swallow the saliva that comes with its taste.

Wash four Mango leaves; cut into pieces. Roast till it becomes black. Add a glass of water and boil. Filter. Add honey and drink twice a day daily.

If there is burning sensation in the throat, lick Turmeric powder twice or thrice with a few drops of honey added to it, especially in the early morning and late night.

Boil milk with Turmeric powder, Garlic and Ginger. Drink it before going to bed to cure cold, cough and pain in the throat.

Take 5 g. of Honey and 10 g. of ghee and lick it with big Cardamom powder daily morning and evening.

If the sore throat is accompanied by voice-loss or hoarse voice, take Cumin seeds, a little ghee and Basil leaves and chew.

To make sore throat better, place 2 Cloves in a Betel leaf. Take it twice a day.

Squeeze Lemon juice in warm water and drink. Also gargle with this.

Heat a little Turmeric till slightly dark and swallow it with warm water. This can be repeated twice a day.

Bake a Guava on coal or gas thoroughly. Sprinkle it with salt and black pepper and eat it AFTER MEALS. It is very effective.

Boil 8 to 10 green leaves of Guava tree, in about ½ litre of water. Continue till the water is 1/3 of the original quantity. Add a little sugar and drink hot, once or twice a day as required. Quick relief will be obtained.