Natural Remedies for Mouth Sores


Make a decoction of the peels of raw Banana (Bale kai) and gargle.

Including Fenugreek leaves in plenty in diet is useful for piles and oral ulcers.

Rub a small piece of Sweet Flag (Baje in Kannada; Vasambhu in Tamil) in the tongue and cheeks.

Add equal quantity of water to Lemon juice and gargle.

Cardamom seeds and Betel nuts should be broken into pieces and carbonized by frying. The powder should be applied to the tongue and palate.

For infantile stomatitis (mouth sores in infants), 10-15 dry neem leaves along with 5 grams of Pippali (Long Pepper) and honey should be ground and applied on the tongue.

Boil Amla leaves and filter the decoction. Gargle with this water.

Mouth ulcers can be cured by chewing and eating 7 to 8 Tulsi leaves thrice a day.

Apply desi Ghee before sleep. Repeat for 4 or 5 days.

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