Natural Remedies for Iron Deficiency

Peach, Pomegranate, Tamarind, Guava, Jamun, Dry Grapes,
Fresh and Dry Dates, Figs, Makoya (Solanum Nigrum –
Ganike) berries and Oranges should be taken in plenty.

Curry leaves are rich in Iron.

Tender leaves of Neem should be taken. They have 20.3%

Green Corianer leaves can be taken with curds or as
chutney with chillies. They have 10% Iron.

Leaves of Drumstick tree can be eaten with rice. They
have 7%Iron.

Hand pounded rice, Whole wheat, Groundnut, Blackgram,
Greengram, Toor Dal and vegetables like Lentils’ leaves,
Green Peas, cabbage and Potatoes have Iron.

We get 1mg Iron in weight of Orange juice or Onion

Ragi has plenty of Iron in it.

Ajwain seeds are rich in calcium and iron.


Cut a Lemon into 4 pieces. Pour out a ¼ seer of cow milk
equally into 4 cups. Squeeze the juice of 1 piece of
Lemon in a cup and drink immediately. Repeat it after
every 7 mtinutes till all the 4 pieces of Lemon are
consumed. Continue this daily for a month.

Figs are excellent sources of Iron.

Black Pepper contains very potent Solar energy. It
stimulates the plasma and the blood, the Nervous system,
the Spleen and reduces fat.

Eat plenty of Spinach (Palak) leaves.


Beets have Iron which cleanses fat cells and Choline which
clears fats in the Kidney, Liver and Gall bladder.

Amaranth juice is good for Anemia.

Vitamin B-12 should be taken.


Red colour is a Haemoglobin builder. So take more of Red
fruits and vegetables.
Red rays should be given to the base of the spine. Red
stimulates this Coccygeal area and causes the haemoglobin
and corpuscles to multiply in the blood.


Scrape Carrot and put into Honey. Keep it in sun for 15
days. Eat it daily.

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