If the Liver is not in good condition, nails become black. Grind Nela Nelli and drink with buttermilk. They turn white as the liver becomes healthy.

Grind Amman Pacharisi leaves and apply on head daily.

Thumbe leaves should be ground and applied on the center of the head thrice a day for 2 days continuously.

Aloe juice with Turmeric powder should be taken twice a day in all Liver disorders.

Take Neem leaves’ juice with honey.

Take Pomegranate juice.

Grind tender Neem leaves into a fine paste and take with Buffallo curd.

Drink Carrot juice daily.

Add 2 tsp. of Coriander seeds to a litre of water and add 2 tsp. white Cumin seeds. Leave it overnight. Next day,
take a glass of this infusion twice or thrice a day after sweetening it with some Palm candy. Repeat it for a couple
of weeks until urine color returns to normal. It also reduces fever.

Cut cucumber lengthwise and sprinkle Pepper powder and salt. Eat it during lunch time.

Wash nannari (Tamil; Hemidesmus indicus – Botanical name) 7 times in water and dry in sunlight. Powder it. Take the
weight of 10 to 15 Rice grains with pure honey.

Drink Bel (Bilva) leaves’ juice with a little Pepper powder. If there is swelling of the body, apply the juice externally.

Crush Torai (Loofah) to get juice. Mix sugar and take twice a day.

Mix Garike Hullu (Arugam Pul in Tamil) juice with cow milk and drink on empty stomach for three days.

Add bits of ripe Lemon and 1 or 2 Apples to ½ liter of boiling water. Boil it for another 5 minutes. cool for 10 minutes.
Filter, cool and add honey. Take daily for 48 days to recover the Liver’s functions.

Powder Amla and Turmeric in equal quantities. Take a teaspoon of this mixture with hot water twice a day.

Make decoction out of Lamancha roots (Vettiver in Tamil), add milk and take.