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Natural Remedies for all kinds of diseases that can be prepared at home in a easy way. With no side effects, the remedies assure you the best treatment for all the problems. From Contagious diseases to Non-Contagious diseases, here are the tips and remedies to avoid and overcome the diseases. Back pain, Tuberculosis, Asthma, Cough, Appendicitis, indigestion, ulcers and many more. The articles have guided people to find a way to their problems related to health and beauty care. Indian have always believed in the medicines that are prepared at home with no chemical being added to it. Here are the list of such remedies.


VIRUS IN BANANA AND TURMERIC PLANTS Extract juice from 10 kg leaves of Bougan villa plant.  Add 10 parts of water.  Sprinkle.  This also makes the plants grow well. STORING BANANA BUNCH When Bananas are kept for ripening, they rot sometimes.  Extract juice from a handful of Tulsi leaves and add a liter of water.  [...]


COMPANION CROPS Companion crops or mixed crops are the crops grown generally to avoid diseases and pest attacking the main crop.  The companion crops attract the pests that attack the main crop, in turn maintaining the quality and quantity of yield.  This helps in reducing the man power and extra costs incurred on pesticides or [...]


TRIDOSHA Banana cures diseases caused by Vatha, Pitta and Kapha Doshas. VIBRATIONS Simoneton says fruits are filled with Solar radiation in the healthful light spectrum between the bands of Infrared and Ultraviolet and that their radiance rises slowly to a peak while ripening, then gradually decreases to zero at putrefaction.  The Banana which is healthily [...]

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Azhuganni (Tamil name)

PANI THAANGI, KOSU VETTI, PANI NAAKKI (TAMIL) It is related to Sun and so can be used for Surya Dosha. It is also called as Mukhjali in folk name. D. Burmannii survives by eating insects. Drosera Indica and Drosera Peltata also grow in Tamil Nadu. IT IS HELPFUL IN KALPA SAADHANAS. Their leaves are always [...]

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Withania somnifera - Ashwagandha Withania somnifera, known commonly as Ashwagandha.   THIS TREE HAS THE CAPACITY TO ABSORB KETHU’S VIBRATIONS. Ashwagandha inhibits aging and catalyzes the anabolic processes of the body. Sattvic in quality, it is one of the best herbs for the mind upon which it is nurturing and clarifying. It is calming and [...]

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Garike Hullu

SOLARISED OIL FOR EYESIGHT AND SKIN PROBLEMS Cut Garike hullu into small pieces.  Put into a china clay vessel.  Pour Gingilly oil above the grass.  Keep in sunlight for a week.  Apply on scalp and instill into eyes once a week and take bath in Warm water. SPECIALTY OF GARIKE HULLU If you insert GarikeHullu [...]

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                                                                        Sage Leaved Alangium (Alangium salviifolium) It is a tall thorny tree native to India. GRAINS STORAGE We can use leaves of ankola [Alangium salviifolium Lam.] to preserve grains like maize, sorghum and ragi in his house. Cow dung is smeared on the walls of a bamboo basket and the leaves and grains [...]

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SWINE BITING PREVENTION Pigs are intelligent animals and get bored easily unless they are kept busy.  They may have a tendency to bite the tails of each other.  Put toys in the pen for them to play with.  Give them things that they can push around and get rough with.  Old tires are good play [...]

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