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Natural Remedies for all kinds of diseases that can be prepared at home in a easy way. With no side effects, the remedies assure you the best treatment for all the problems. From Contagious diseases to Non-Contagious diseases, here are the tips and remedies to avoid and overcome the diseases. Back pain, Tuberculosis, Asthma, Cough, Appendicitis, indigestion, ulcers and many more. The articles have guided people to find a way to their problems related to health and beauty care. Indian have always believed in the medicines that are prepared at home with no chemical being added to it. Here are the list of such remedies.

Indian Almond (Terminalia Catappa)

Indian Almond (Terminalia Catappa) The kernel can be eaten raw or roasted and has an almond-like taste. The foliage can be used as a feed for silkworms and other animal feeds. It acts as a soil improver as it is a good provider of mulch. The trunk is a source of gum. In leaf all [...]

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AKARKARA (Spilanthes Acmella)

Chew a fresh bud of Akarkara, Within a few seconds, your mouth will start producing large amounts of saliva, followed by a very intense tingling and numbing effect. It disinfects and stimulates every inch of yours mouth. The plants have long been used in India for the treatment of gum and dental problems. The flowers [...]

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Ajwain or Bishop’s weed is a herb used in ayurvedic medicines for its carminative properties. Its pungent taste and aromatic smell has made it a favored spice in preparing pickles, confectionary, curries, biscuits and beverages. It is also used as an effective preservative and anti-oxidant. Crushed Ajwain seeds find utility in pot-pourri and scented powders. [...]

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Sesbania Grandiflora

This tree attracts Butterflies. BODY HEAT SMEAR THE BODY WITH THE LEAF JUICE. FENCE Plant Agathi seeds all around the border areas of a field. In between, Banana saplings can be planted. When Agathi grows to 10 feet and Bananas grow to 4 feet, plant whatever crops are to be planted in the field. Agathi [...]

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Cassia auriculata(Senna auriculata). Common name: Tanner's Cassia IT HAS COPPER. It is also believed to have Gold. People use Cassia auriculata for diabetes, eye infections (conjunctivitis), joint and muscle pain (rheumatism), constipation, jaundice, liver disease, and urinary tract disorders. Other names: • Hindi: Tarwar तरवड़ • Marathi: Tarwad तरवड • Kannada: Tangedi • Telugu: Tagedu [...]

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RIPENING OF FRUITS NATURALLY Only ripe and matured fruits should be plucked. There will be a dent near ripened fruits. Only they should be plucked. They will ripen the very next day. When mangoes are plucked, they should be plucked with their 10 cm stem to avoid the milk. Keep all the mangoes in a [...]

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Bauhinia Racemosa

THIRUVATHI – KANCHINI – IRUATCHI (TAMIL NAMES) IRON AND THAAMIRAM IT HAS IRON AND THAAMIRAM. CATTLE FODDER Aathi (Tamil) (Bauhinia Racemosa Lam) can be given. The tree has small, creamy white or yellow coloured flowers in axillary or terminal racemes. The flowers are laxative & amp; seeds are anti-bacterial. The leaves are used for making [...]

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Water Lettuce

KODI THAMARAI-ANDARA THAMARAI - PISTIA STRATIOTES WATER CABBAGE – WATER LETTUCE This plant sucks the Lead, Arsenic and Mercury and cleanses water. So it is highly useful. FODDER Vengaya Thamarai and Agaya Thamarai (Tamil) are good fodder items which increase milk yield. Vermi-composting and composting of dried water hyacinth can be used as organic manure [...]

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Adathoda Vasica

MALABAR NUT (ADHATHODA VASICA) It can be used to join broken bones. Eat 10 flowers daily to gain strength and face brightness. Farmers use Adhathoda as a manure, pesticide, fuel for water purification and for medicinal purposes. It is used as a hedge plant to prevent goats and other animals from entering the cultivated fields. [...]

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It is an important Vasiya Herb. There are many types out of which two are important. The plant which gets struck to the front of the cloth is “Mun Otti’. The plant which gets stuck to the back of the cloth is “Pin Otti”. Both are used in Maanthrika and for influencing females. Ul Otti [...]

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