Select ripe and thick seeds. Put them into water. Select only the seeds which drown in water. soak in Beejamrutha liquid. Dry in shade for 5 days. Plant. If the crops have problems, spray Neem Asthra, Brahmasthra and Agni Asthra as per the needs. The flesh should be removed from the seeds within ten hours after harvest.


Coffee plants need 50% sunlight and 50% shade. They grow well under the shade of Silver Oak trees. Their leaves form a good manure. Around 10,000 kilos of leaves fall on a hectare in a year. The ground is covered with them naturally. Free areas can be used to plant Kolunji (Tamil), Horsegram and Thattai Payaru as they absorb Nitrogen from atmosphere and make the soil fertile. Kalyana Murungai (Tamil) can also be planted for shade instead of Silver Oak as it also absorbs Nitrogen from atmosphere.