Once planted, it gives income to three generations. Plant thorn-less Bamboos. They don’t attract snakes. A man needs 800 g. Oxygen per day. Bamboo produces 850 g. Oxygen. So it is good to plant Bamboos in every house.
Soil is improved by bamboo trees. It has been observed that the species Bambusa Tulda gives back to the soil more calcium than it takes. Other bamboo species, such as Nechouzeana Dulloa and Oxytenanthera Nigrociliata, "give back more magnesium" — from Nature and Resources No. 4, p. 15 (1975), UNESCO Publications.


If Tar or paint is spread at the bottom before erecting Bamboo poles as support for climbers, white ants do not attack the Bamboo poles.


They filter Ultra Violet rays from the atmosphere and protect the environment.


It grows faster even if the soil is less fertile. It keeps dropping leaves. They degrade and make the soil fertile. These leaves prevent water stagnation too. It also absorbs Carbon di oxide from atmosphere. So it reduces global warming. Bamboo without thorns is the best variety to grow. It prevents soil erosion and so should be planted on banks of all water bodies.
Flavanoids, Tannin and Glycocides in Bamboo prevent bacteria and fungus. They also prevent the tree from being infested with white ants and insects.