Fruit Vinegar 50 ml and Pancha Gavya 50 ml can be given on alternate days permanently. This enables them to mature in time, give more milk and be resistant to diseases. Fruit Vinegar: Take Papaya and Banana with peels, Parangikai (Tamil) and jaggary powder each 5 kg. Mix 1 kg Green gram flour. Put everything in a big plastic drum and add 35 liters water. Close with a tight lid and keep in shade. Open on 7 th day and stir. Gas will move out of it. Close and keep for 45 days. From 46th day, it can be given to cattle daily in 50 ml dose. THIS CAN BE KEPT MAXIMUM FOR 6 MONTHS.
NUTRITION FOR CROPS TOO: Mix 200 ml of this with 10 ltrs of water and spray on crops.


Corn (Makka Cholam – Tamil) – 200 g.
Peel from Bengal Gram (Pottu – Tamil) – 200 g.
Kadalai Pinnakku – 200 g.
Karukkai Paddy Bran – 2 kg.
Green grass – 25 kg.
Lime clear water (Sunnambhu neer in Tamil) – 500 ml.
Pancha Gavyam – 50 ml.


They form the best fodder for the cattle. They are unique because they can be grown even in shade.


They are in plenty in Ongal and Nellore of Andhra Pradesh. They are helpful in agricultural work. They yield 8 liters of milk per day. Its fat content is also more. they have more resistance to diseases. They
can tolerate more heat.


10 months old bull calves are sold at Rs.15,000 per pair. They are more resistant against diseases. They pull heavy weights and plough very well. They need not be fixed with artificial hooves (Laadam) because their hooves are very hard and so called as stone hooves. Except on roads, they don’t need Laadam in any other place. These cows yield 2 liters milk twice a day. They don’t need bran or Pinnakku. They get their food from grazing on their own. They grow healthy.


They have a hard covering and so take more time to sprout. A day prior to sowing, soak the seeds in lukewarm water for 10 minutes. Then keep it in cold water. Soak the whole night. This is called as Awakening the seeds from sleep. This enables the seed to sprout in 4 or 5 days. 5 kg seeds are needed for an acre. If sown once, they can be harvested for 5 years. The seeds are sold at Rs.400 per kg. if harvested after 120 days, good quality seeds are gained. Otherwise, once in 80 days, they can be harvested for fodder. It absorbs Nitrogen from atmosphere and adds it to the soil. The fodder for cows makes them yield more milk. It can be grown as a main crop or along with Coconuts.