Their milk is thicker with more fat contents. They don’t need a shelter like cows. They can withstand rains and heat. Delhi Buffaloes are suitable for Tamil Nadu. They give 12 liters milk per day. Their native is Haryana.


Cattle sheds should be constructed east-west to get more light.


Fruit Vinegar 50 ml and Pancha Gavya 50 ml can be given on alternate days permanently. This enables them to mature in time, give more milk and be resistant to diseases.
Fruit Vinegar: Take Papaya and Banana with peels, Parangikai (Tamil) and jaggary powder each 5 kg.
Mix 1 kg Green gram flour. Put everything in a big plastic drum and add 35 liters water. Close with a tight lid and keep in shade. Open on 7th day and stir. Gas will move out of it. Close and keep for 45 days.
From 46th day, it can be given to cattle daily in 50 ml dose. THIS CAN BE KEPT MAXIMUM FOR 6 MONTHS.
NUTRITION FOR CROPS TOO: Mix 200 ml of this with 10 liters of water and spray on crops.


Corn (Makka Cholam – Tamil) – 200 g.
Peel from Bengal Gram (Pottu – Tamil) – 200 g.
Kadalai Pinnakku – 200 g.
Karukkai Paddy Bran – 2 kg.
Green grass – 25 kg.
Lime clear water (Sunnambhu neer in Tamil) – 500 ml.
Pancha Gavyam – 50 ml.


  • Grind the roots of Sankhu Pushpam (Tamil) (Clitoria Ternatea. L.) and apply on the abdomen. But the leaves have toxins which can be removed by soaking them in Vinegar for 48 hours which should be changed 3 times.
  • For abdominal pain of horses, Iluppai (Tamil) (Mahua) leaves can be given to eat.
  • Mix Turmeric powder in a glass of warm water and make them drink.

It is said that cows and buffallos fear black colour.

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