Red Colour


It is the densest colour and relates to the physical body and sexuality.
This base Chakra is connected to passion, life energy, sexuality and the
power to create.

Red is the colour of the Root Chakra or the first Chakra. IT IS THE COLOUR
OF VITAMIN B – 12. It covers also Ovaries and Gonads.

Red is the element of fire. It also stimulates the sensory nerves.
Therefore, it is used in deficiency of smell, sight, hearing, taste and

Red is a haemoglobin builder.

Take Red rays for 5 minutes per day at the base of the spine. The Red rays
stimulate this area and cause the hemoglobin and red corpuscles to multiply
in the blood.

It energizes the liver Its heat is excellent for contracted muscles.

Red fruits contain a substantial amount of Phosphorus, Iron, Sulphur and
Calcium elements and by making use of them we can purify the blood and cure
many ailments.

Ruby, Garnet, Coral, Red Jasper, Bloodstone and Obsidian are the stones
that emit red rays.

Red is contra indicated in the following:
Emotionally disturbed people, Excitable temperaments, Fever, Florid
complexioned people, Hypertension, Inflammatory conditions, Neuritis
(Inflammation of the nerve) and Red headed individuals.



Spotlite 40w. Red bulbs should be fixed to a table lamp and kept at a
distance of one foot from the spot to be radiated. Just for 5 minutes,
radiation can be taken. Maximum duration can be 10 minutes, but not more
than that, as it produces a lot of heat. When there is some knee problem,
red rays can be given to the knees, for Cervical Spondylitis on the neck
and for cold on feet and the palms. The nerve endings at the feet and
palms carry the Red rays’ heat throughout the body and reduce the effect of
Asthmatic attack and wheezing.

WARNING: Never take Red radiation for more than 10 minutes and also never
on head.

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