Orange colour


Orange is a combination of Red and Yellow rays, and its heating power is
greater than the two individual colours. It is the colour of the Sacral
plexus or the second Chakra. The Glands covered and controlled are Ovaries
and Testes. It stimulates the Thyroid gland and respiration. The Orange
vibration expands the lungs.

Orange rejuvenates the Red blood cells and enables them to carry Oxygen to
different parts of the body.

Carnelian, Fire Opal and Orange Jasper are the stones that emit Orange

It is said that Orange is the colour of Vitamin B.


Fill an Orange bottle (Tonic or syrup bottles) with drinking water, leaving
a little space for air. Keep it in the sunlight from morning till evening
the whole day or atleast for 3 hours. Drink 50ml of this charged water sip
by sip, half an hour after food three times a day. It helps a lot in
Asthma, wheezing, cold, cold related cough, constipation and Kidney stones.
Consume the water within 2 days. Make fresh charged water daily.

Orange charged water is highly useful for all types of cough. To maintain
the circulatory system, this is the best tonic.


Fill an Orange bottle with Coconut or Mustard or Til oil, leaving a little
space for air. Close it with the lid. Keep it in the sunlight for 40
days. After this radiation, it will be ready for external application.
Smear on the spot wherever there is sprain or cramp. For cold, smear a
little on the forehead, nose, throat, palms and soles. Smear on the back
for backpain. Rub on the knees for knee pain. For wheezing, rub it on the
nose, chest, throat, palms and soles. For lack of menstruation and
constipation, apply on the abdomen.

Anti oxidants which haveVitamin C and Carotenoids are plenty in Orange and
Yellow vegetables and fruits. People who consume more of these coloured
foods have less chances of getting eye and heart troubles.

Citrus fruit is the most highly active vibratory food known.

Orange foods: Honey, Jaggary, Corn, Oranges, Sweet Pumpkin, Carrot,
Papaya, Peach, Mangoes and Turmeric.


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