Avoid cooling food stuff. Take plenty of Tulsi, Mint, Jyeshtamad and Lesser Galangal (Chittarattai in Tamil).

To treat hoarseness, take a little Asafoetida with water twice a day.

Put Pepper powder in water. Warm it and gargle four times a day.

Powder Dry Ginger, Tail Pepper, Hippili and Harda in equal quantities and take with honey. This is an ideal medicine for singers.

Peas are rich in Vit. A and C and Protein. Throat problems get cured by using them. Take Amla powder daily.

Shangeer powder (Hindi) – ½ tsp. Jyeshtamad (Licorice) – ½ tsp. Mix them and keep a small portion under the tongue like Lozenges. Repeat 2-3 times in a day till the voice improves.

Squeeze Lemon juice in warm water and drink. Also gargle with this.

For singers and speakers, throat gets sore due to excessive use. Roast 2 Cloves in fire directly and chew. Alternately powder and boil in water. Gargle this. Continue twice or thrice a day.

Chew ¼ tsp. Hippili powder and drink cow milk. Alternately, mix it with honey and take. Take it twice a day for 2 days.

Boil Neem flowers in water and swallow the steam by mouth. Repeat twice or thrice.


Cook raw Banana (Balekai in Kannada; Vazhi kai in Tamil) and eat to reduce excess salivation.

Eat Tulsi leaves regularly.

Regular intonation of “OM” opens up the voice box and makes the voice attractive.