Natural Remedies for Sinus


Take steam from the water in which Notchi (Vitex Negundo) leaves are boiled.

Take Saffron, Thoodhuvalai (Tamil) and Mint daily so the severity can be checked.

Ginger – 500 g.; Gingilly oil – 250 g.; Nirgundi leaf juice – 150 ml.; Cow milk – 150 ml. Take juice from Ginger. Mix all the items and boil. Apply on head and take headbath twice a week.

Take the juice of Agatti soppu, leaves and flowers mixed with honey. This prevents recurrent nasal catarrh.

Stuff leaves of Vitex Negundo in a pillow. Use it daily to sleep on.

Inhalation of steam in which Eucalyptus leaves have been boiled.

Jala Neti should be practiced.

Fenugreek is a germicidal for the lungs. It will act as a disinfectant and help to reduce inflammation.

Inhale a pinch of Calamus root powder or apply Ginger paste to the affected area. One can also inhale the steam from a tea of Ginger or Eucalyptus leaves.

No cold foods.

Surya Bedana Pranayama for 2 minutes.

Wheatgrass juice.

Boil Achyranthes with water and inhale the vapours when boiling. Continue for a week. You can also drink it. Also apply poultice made out of it and lemon ground into a paste.

Acuroller for feet.

Press all the 10 toes twice a day.

A teaspoon of Cummin seeds should be tied in a thin cotton cloth and inhaled by the patient. The condition can also be relieved by taking a teaspoon of the mixture of 100 grams of Cummin seeds, fried and ground with 200 grams of pure honey.

Pressure on tips of fingers.

Get rid of constipation. Use Papaya.

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