Take steam from the water in which Notchi (Vitex Negundo) leaves are boiled.

Take Saffron, Thoodhuvalai (Tamil) and Mint daily so the severity can be checked.

Ginger – 500 g.; Gingilly oil – 250 g.; Nirgundi leaf juice – 150 ml.; Cow milk – 150 ml. Take juice from Ginger. Mix all the items and boil. Apply on head and take headbath twice a week.

Take the juice of Agatti soppu, leaves and flowers mixed with honey. This prevents recurrent nasal catarrh.

Stuff leaves of Vitex Negundo in a pillow. Use it daily to sleep on.

Inhalation of steam in which Eucalyptus leaves have been boiled.

Jala Neti should be practiced.

Fenugreek is a germicidal for the lungs. It will act as a disinfectant and help to reduce inflammation.

Inhale a pinch of Calamus root powder or apply Ginger paste to the affected area. One can also inhale the steam from a tea of Ginger or Eucalyptus leaves.

No cold foods.

Surya Bedana Pranayama for 2 minutes.

Wheatgrass juice.

Boil Achyranthes with water and inhale the vapours when boiling. Continue for a week. You can also drink it. Also apply poultice made out of it and lemon ground into a paste.

Acuroller for feet.

Press all the 10 toes twice a day.

A teaspoon of Cummin seeds should be tied in a thin cotton cloth and inhaled by the patient. The condition can also be relieved by taking a teaspoon of the mixture of 100 grams of Cummin seeds, fried and ground with 200 grams of pure honey.

Pressure on tips of fingers.

Get rid of constipation. Use Papaya.