Fenugreek, Kidney Bean and Mustard help a lot.

Garlic soaked in honey should be taken. Garlic or Garlic oil can also be rubbed externally to reduce the pain.

A Nutmeg coarsely powdered and fried in Til oil until all the particles become brown, is very useful as an external application to relieve rheumatic pains, neuralgia and sciatica.


VAYU MUDRA (Wind Mudra)

With each hand bend index finger so that its tip touches the ball of the thumb. Then press the thumb lightly onto the index finger. Extend the other fingers in a relaxed way.
For chronic complaints, do this Mudra three times daily for 15 minutes; otherwise, use it until it has an effect.
Ref. From “Yoga in your hands” by Gertrud Hirschi