Eat fresh Horseradish, mixed with a little Lemon juice, for the relief of sinus infections and nasal blockages.

Basil seeds can be used as poultice for sinus problem.

Boil Turmeric with milk and drink. To cure all the cold-troubles, very few drugs can match the efficacy of Turmeric. Just smell a piece of Turmeric or apply a little of ground Turmeric mixed with pure ghee.

Take smokeless but burning cow-dung cake and sprinkle Turmeric powder over it. Inhale this smoke deeply

Boil Thumbe (Kannada) flowers in Gingilly oil and use it take oil bath.


Take 3 tsp each of Dhania, Jeera and Pepper and 3 Hippili pieces. Roast and powder. Add Tamarind extract, crushed Tomatoes, Turmeric powder, Salt and Curry leaves. Don’t boil. Keep in a cooker till the first whistle. Season Jeera and Mustard with ghee. Don’t add Coriander and Asafoetida. DON’T TAKE THIS RASAM AT NIGHT.


Tie Boiled rice (Kusalakki) in a thin cloth. Use this as a pillow at night for 2 days. The rice will absorb all the water from the head. You can only grind this and can never boil it.

Bring Nalla Velai Keerai (Tamil) once a week. Crush and extract juice. Take the solid portion (leaving the juice) and apply as a paste on forehead, temples, back of neck and crown. Tie with a white cloth. Leave for 5 to 10 minutes. you will get a sort of pricking or needling sensation. If you remove it after 10 minutes and squeeze it, you can extract water out of it. Do this once a day for 10 days. You can get rid of the head ache which arises due to this water retention.