About 30 grams each of the roasted and unroasted black
Cumin seeds should be ground together. Three grams of this
mixture should be taken with water.

Add 25 g. of Carrot juice to a glass of goat milk. Sweeten
it with sugar candy. Drink this every morning and evening.

Squeeze lemon juice into 200 ml cow milk and drink at once.
Bleeding stops. This cures the problem at the earliest.

Uproot 15 plants of Acalypha indica (Kuppi Gida in kannada;
Kuppai Meni in Tamil) which are around 9 inches tall. Wash
and dry in sunlight. Clean and powder them. Sieve it.
Mix a pinch of this powder with cow ghee in the morning and
evening for 48 days. Take plenty of curds, buttermilk and

30 g. of Jyotishmathi seeds, fresh Garikehullu 30 g. and
pepper 10 grains should be ground to a fine paste. Add
butter (the size of a lemon) and swallow on empty stomach
in the morning and drink a cup of buttermilk. Continue for
20 days. Roast the same leaves and apply externally.


Mix 2 tsp Castor oil with 250 g. tender Harda. Roast in a
pan till they become a little bigger. Crush them in a
mortar and then powder. Sieve and take nice powder. Pour
400 ml Castor oil in a glass bottle and add 100 g of this
powder. Stir well.

Take 1 or 2 tsp at night with milk before sleep. This is
Moola Kudaara Thailam of Siddas.


A few Mango bark pieces should be boiled in milk and given
along with honey twice a day until it is cured.

Make a decoction of 2 tsp of Licorice powder and water and
take with honey twice a day.


Scrape Carrot and put into Honey. Keep it in sun for 15
days. Eat it daily.

Jamun fruits should be eaten with salt every morning for 2
to 3 months in its season. It is believed that the use of
the fruits in this method every season for 2 to 3 months
saves the user from piles for the whole of his life.

2 to 4 Figs (well cleaned with hot water) should be
immersed in water at night in some glass or enamelware
which should be covered by a lid. Take the Figs the next
morning (after attending to nature’s calls) followed by the
water in which they were immersed. Repeat in the evening
also. Continued for 2 to 4 weeks, it cures bleeding piles.
The tiny seeds are endowed with the exceptional quality of
stimulating peristaltic movements of intestines which
promote easy evacuation.

Pumpkin juice with fresh Lemon and Honey is good.

Burn Brinjals. Take the ash. Mix it with Honey and apply
on piles externally.


Never take Sweet Potato as it increases the problem. In
case you eat it, take Mint or Vajravalli chutney at once to
minimize the bad effects.


Piles patients suffer while sitting due to the itching and
burning. Stuff the peels of Onions in a cloth and make a
small pillow. Put it on the chair whichever you are using
and sit on it. The problem can be cured with this.

Solanum Trilobatum Linn (Mullu Mustha in Kannada) leaves
are good to cure piles.

Eat Kasini Keerai (Tamil) with Onion often. If not, take
Makoi leaves