Natural Remedies for Piles

Mix Alum powder with butter. Apply the mixture upon piles twice a day. They will dry and fall.

Cook Vonagone soppu with Garlic and eat weekly thrice.

Cook plantain flowers and eat often. Alternately its juice can be mixed with Harda and taken.

Apply Onion juice mixed with Turmeric powder externally. Onion is a valuable medicine for suppressing pain resulting
from piles.

The patient should eat daily Onion and Caraway seeds, fried in ghee, with sugar candy.

Avoid constipation. Avoid spicy or fried food and sugar.

Take Gingilly seeds.

Cook Aththikkai (Tamil) as curry and eat once or twice a week.

Eat Acalypha Indica cooked with Dal.

Drink Green charged water 3 times a day.

Extract fresh Gooseberry juice, add half a spoonful of Ghee, 1tsp.of Honey and 100gms of Milk and drink the potion
after lunch.

Consume ripe Papaya early in the morning on empty stomach. Include raw Papaya curry in lunch or dinner.

Blue radiation on lower lumbars and Sacrum for 10 minutes.

Powder Gulvel (Amruthaballi – Tinospora Cardifolia). Take 100 g. Mix 25 g.sugar. Take 1 tsp.daily.

10 g. Black Gingilly; 5 g. Sugar; Powder both. Make a packet of 15 g. eat 1 packet and have a cup of milk on empty stomach or at 5.30 to 6 p.m.

Peel off Elephant Yam (Swarma Gedde). Make into small pieces. Dry in sunlight. Powder. Take 5g.per dope with Honey or Ghee or sugar or Jaggary.

Peel small, baby Onions. Roast lightly in a little Castor oil. Take it internally. These small Onions have Insulin.

Cook small Onions, Moong dal and Vongone soppu together. Mix with Boiled Rice (Kusalakki) meals. Eat it. It is one
of the best medicines for Piles. It should be taken for a month.

A strong decoction of Coriander seeds should be prepared and taken with milk and jaggary or honey.

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