Natural Remedies for Hemorrhoids


Take Lemon juice often.

Take cold hip baths for 5 mts. twice a day. Don’t take
meat, alcohol, vinegar, margarine, etc. Take more of
fruits and raw and cooked vegetables.

Apply clay poultices and keep in place for 2 hours.

Give Blue radiation on lower Lumbars and Sacrum for 10
minutes. Give Blue radiation for 5 minutes on Muladhara
Chakra (Sacral Plexus).

Drink half a tablespoon of Aloe Vera Gel with a little
Ginger twice a day until they disappear.

Extract the juice of Plantain flower. Grind Jeera (Cumin)
and mix with it. Drink this.

Cut two Bananas and mix a teaspoon of Cumin. Eat this
daily in the mornings.

Practise Maha Sacral Mudra as needed or three times a day
for 7 minutes.

Take 15 Acalypha Indica (Kuppi gida in Kannada) plants from
the roots. Wash well. Dry in sunlight and then clean it.
Powder. Sieve it. In the mornings and evenings, take a
pinch of this powder with cow ghee for 48 days. It is
better to consume more Buttermilk, ghee and curds.
If the problem is chronic, take Indigo leaves’ decoction in
the mornings and evenings for a week (about 1 ½ ounces) and
then take this for 70 to 90 days.

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