Natural Remedies for Piles


Mix equal quantities of Thiruneetru Pachilai (ocimum Basilicum) leaf juice and milk. Drink 100 ml of this mixture twice a day. This is good for all Kidney problems, chronic diarrhea and piles.

Make small balls of Dry Ginger and Jaggary and eat a ball twice a day to reduce the masses and allow free passage of

Roast Poduthalai leaves and Urad dal and grind as chutney and eat.

Boil Castor leaves in water and steadily pour the lukewarm water on pile masses to reduce pain and the pile masses

Taking a tsp. of Harad powder with Jaggary before food is highly beneficial due to its astringent and laxative properties.

Take the whole plant of Kuppi Gida (Kannada) (Acalypha Indica), shade dry and powder. Eat 2 to 5 grams with a little ghee twice a day for 48 days. It cures 8 types of piles. Cure is faster if chillies and tamarind are avoided.

The decoction of the Drumstick bark should be poured into a tub and the patient should sit in it in such a way that the
pile masses are immersed in it. This, done regularly, prevents bleeding and shrinks the pile masses.

Including Fenugreek leaves in plenty in diet is useful for piles and oral ulcers.

Cook Pullampuruchi soppu (Pulikkeerai in Tamil) regularly and eat.

Make curry out of the leaves and stems of Gulvel (Amrutha balli in Kannada) and eat often.

Make an infusion of Bael and Woodapple and drink daily.

Ferment milk to curds in a mud vessel with Sarasaparilla root in it. Use it to prepare buttermilk for use in daily diet.

Eat Brinjal curry or chutney.

Slit a small Lime into two and sprinkle Rock salt inside. Put it into the mouth and suck the juice slowly in. Do this regularly to heal Pile masses.

If Figs are taken regularly, piles can be cured.

Dry Radish green leaves in shade and powder. Mix equal sugar. Take once a day for a month.

Mix Kalajeera (Caraway) seeds with sugar candy equally. Powder. Take half a spoon with water in the morning and

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