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Natural Remedies for Psoriasis

PSORIASIS Take 5gms of Alum and grind it with 2.5gms. of Turmeric powder. Add adequate quantity of fresh milk cream to form a smooth paste. Rub; let dry. Wash off. Apply juice of Thumbhe (Leucas Aspera) leaves. Add 1/2gm of roasted Alum to 100gms.of separated whey. Drink it once a week. Take bath in Alum [...]

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Prostate Gland Problems

PROSTATE GLAND PROBLEMS Corn silk tea; or it can be cut into tiny pieces, added to curds and taken. Pumpkin seeds are known for their use in restoring the healthy functioning of the Prostate Gland. They should be eaten daily. Take Water Melon seeds. Tie Vitex negundo leaves. Take Ashgourd juice on empty stomach daily. [...]

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Natural Remedies for Bleeding piles

BLEEDING PILES Roast a few pieces of Vajravalli, dry them and powder. Add a ladleful of this to a glass of hot milk and drink. Take the watery part of Yoghurt and add some amla juice. Drink twice daily. Apply a poultice of Gingilly seeds ground with Butter. It relieves pain and bleeding to a [...]

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Natural Remedies for Hemorrhoids

HEMORRHOIDS Take Lemon juice often. Take cold hip baths for 5 mts. twice a day. Don’t take meat, alcohol, vinegar, margarine, etc. Take more of fruits and raw and cooked vegetables. Apply clay poultices and keep in place for 2 hours. Give Blue radiation on lower Lumbars and Sacrum for 10 minutes. Give Blue radiation [...]

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Natural Remedies for Piles

About 30 grams each of the roasted and unroasted black Cumin seeds should be ground together. Three grams of this mixture should be taken with water. Add 25 g. of Carrot juice to a glass of goat milk. Sweeten it with sugar candy. Drink this every morning and evening. Squeeze lemon juice into 200 ml [...]

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Natural Remedies for Piles

Mix Alum powder with butter. Apply the mixture upon piles twice a day. They will dry and fall. Cook Vonagone soppu with Garlic and eat weekly thrice. Cook plantain flowers and eat often. Alternately its juice can be mixed with Harda and taken. Apply Onion juice mixed with Turmeric powder externally. Onion is a valuable [...]

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Natural Remedies for Piles

PILES Mix equal quantities of Thiruneetru Pachilai (ocimum Basilicum) leaf juice and milk. Drink 100 ml of this mixture twice a day. This is good for all Kidney problems, chronic diarrhea and piles. Make small balls of Dry Ginger and Jaggary and eat a ball twice a day to reduce the masses and allow free [...]

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Natural Remedies for Anger

ANTIDOTE OF MARIJUANA Calamus root is the best antidote for the ill effects of Marijuana which is toxic to the Liver and Brain cells. In fact, the side effects of all psychedelics can be neutralized by Calamus root. ANGER For all obsessions, give Green radiation on Vishudha Chakra (Laryngeal Plexus) for 10 minutes daily. Perform [...]

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Hangovers of Alcohol

HANG OVERS Boil 1 tsp. Coriander seeds in a glass of water, filter, cool, add diamond sugar or honey and drink in the mornings and evenings for a few days. Take a pinch of Alum. Burn Turmeric piece and inhale the smoke to get rid of the hangover caused by drugs. Drink Guava juice or [...]

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Food for Quitting Alcohol

Curry leaves, Beet Root, Bananas, Apple, Dates, Lemon and Honey, Cumin Seeds help tremendously in reducing the desire for alcohol and preventing hangovers. Make a decoction of Dhania (Coriander seeds) and give. He will gradually get rid of it and its hang over. Put 2 Cloves in mouth and suck slowly. Don’t chew them. The [...]

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