Roast a few pieces of Vajravalli, dry them and powder. Add a ladleful of this to a glass of hot milk and drink.

Take the watery part of Yoghurt and add some amla juice. Drink twice daily.

Apply a poultice of Gingilly seeds ground with Butter. It relieves pain and bleeding to a large extent.

Take a tsp. of Pomegranate rind powder with buttermilk to arrest the bleeding.

Mix the pulp of Bael fruit with Buttermilk and drink.

Green charged water (50 ml.) can be drunk half an hour before eating three times a day.

Take tender leaves of Lajwanti (Mimosa Pudica; Muttidare Muni Soppu – Kannnada) and boil in milk, filter and drink
for a week. It stops the bleeding.

Grind 30g. of Garike hullu (Kannada). Add ¼ litre of boiled cow milk. Drink in the morning regularly to stop

Ashgourd acts as a blood coagulant. Its fresh juice with a tsp of Amla or lemon juice stops profuse bleeding.