Natural Remedies for Weight Reduction

Cook Vongone Soppu (Ponnanganni in Tamil) with Tur Dal and Pepper and take for three months.

Cook white Pumpkin four days a week and eat.

Mustard seeds rev up metabolism, burning off extra calories. In one British test about three-fifths of a teaspoon of ordinary yellow Mustard increased metabolic rate about 25%, burning 45 more calories in three hours.

Mix juice of white Pumpkin (Ash Pumpkin), Honey and Lemon juice. Take this once a day for a few days.

When the bowels are clean in the morning, drink a glass of Amla water with honey. This water should be the one in
which Amlas are soaked overnight. Also use Amlas as much as possible.

Powder Brahmi. Take a tsp. of it and drink a glass of warm water at 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. for 40 days.

Take 2 tsp. of honey before each meal. The gastric juices or fluids act on the ingested honey making you feel
satisfied in a short time and thus, making you not only eat less, but also lose weight.

SURYA MUDRA should be practiced daily.

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