Joint Problems


Eat roasted Sesame seeds.

Mix the powder of Sarasaparilla root and Vasaca leaves with milk and drink every day. This lubricates joints, enables free movements and it is strengthening to nerves.

Camphor and Garlic cloves should be added to Coconut oil and fried till black. After cooling, add Jyotishmathi oil. Apply externally and massage.

Take Ginger juice 800ml.and Gingilly oil 200 ml. Add 5g. Asafoetida and 10 g.Garlic. Boil till the juice evaporates. Filter. Apply externally.

Peel and mash 400 g. Garlic. Take 3 litres of milk. Mix both and boil. Thicken this. Fry this in 400 g. ghee till the mixture turns red. Cool. Add 800 g. honey to this. Dose: 3 to 5 g. on empty stomach twice a day.

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