Diet of fresh fruit and Honey for atleast 3 days should be undertaken. It promotes youthfulness of limbs and restores flexibility.

Joint pains: Pavala Malli (Tamil) (Parijatha – Kannada) (Nyctanthes Arbortristis) flowers can be boiled and the
decoction taken.

For all joint problems, the patients have to eat 8 to 9 Bananas daily.

Heat the leaves of Ashwagandha and apply on painful joints while still warm to relieve ache.

Boil Ekka leaves in Gingilly oil. Filter and apply.

If Figs are taken regularly, joint problems can be controlled..

Shatavari is an effective emollient for stiff joints, stiff neck and muscle spasms when used externally.


In the mornings, on empty stomach, take a Garlic clove, cut in the middle and eat it. Then, drink a glass of warm water.

Mint leaves should be ground and applied as paste on the joints. Mint oil can also be used.

Cook Horsegram and eat often to expel the gas from the joints.

Mix Lemon juice with warm water and drink often.

Take 5g. Methi powder regularly twice a day with water.

Grind the leaves of Mehandi plant and apply the paste on the joints.

Grind the bark of the Drumstick with White Mustard , apply on the joints and warm the spot.

Apply Mustard oil on the joints, massage for some time and wash off with warm water.

Powder these things. Have it with honey once or twice a day on empty stomach.
Acorus Calamus(Vat,Vacha,Buch,Vasambhu in Tamil), 2.Hippali(Piper Longum), 3. Dry Ginger, 4. Cinnamon, 5. Black Pepper, 6. Licorice.(Equal parts).

The pulp of a hot baked Potato helps to relieve Tennis elbow and other joint pains.

An infusion of Licorice should be prepared by soaking the dry roots overnight in water. This should be taken for
muscular pains. It is also useful in chronic joint problems. It serves as Cartisone in treating these conditions.

Drinking a tsp. of Fenugreek powder in warm water is useful in preventing stiffness in joints.

For joint pains, leave a tsp. of Black Gingilly in water overnight and drink in the morning.