Joint Problems


Water kept in a Copper vessel has traces of Copper and helps strengthen the skeleto muscular system.

Wearing Copper bracelets helps the skin consume Copper and in relieving Arthritic pains.

To be most effective, Copper should be worn on the left side of the body by those who are right-handed, the reverse by left-handers.

Lemon has Copper and so the juice can be taken.

The Turquoise stone carries a strong healing vibration, which is magnified by its high Copper content.

The semiprecious gemstone Rhodochrosite is a good energy conductor and is beneficial to the wearer because it has a
high Copper content.

Mix Honey with Apple cider vinegar as a tonic or rebalancer. This helps to relieve the symptoms of arthritis and reduce arthritic deposits.


Celery clears Uric acid from painful joints and so can be used in Arthritis. You can eat the seeds also.

Adding Cucumber juice to Carrot juice is a great remedy. You can also add Beetroot juice to this and drink.


Massage the area with warm Olive oil daily. This may stop the return of Bursitis and it helps to relieve the pain.

Grate a Potato and add to a cup of water. Steep overnight. Strain the next morning and drink the liquid before breakfast. Do this daily to prevent it.

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