Day: November 7, 2018

Joints Pains

REMEDIES Diet of fresh fruit and Honey for atleast 3 days should be undertaken. It promotes youthfulness of limbs and restores flexibility. Joint pains: Pavala Malli (Tamil) (Parijatha – Kannada) (Nyctanthes Arbortristis) flowers can be boiled and the decoction taken. For all joint problems, the patients have to eat 8 to 9 Bananas daily. Heat …

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Liver Problems

INFECTIVE HEPATITIS (Inflammation of the Liver) Take a litre of water, add to it two teaspoons of Coriander seeds and an equal quantity of White Cummin and a fistful of Black berries of Makoi (Ganike soppu fruits). Leave the mixture overnight. In the morning take a glass of this infusion, sweetened with palm candy. Repeat …

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