Juice of Neem leaves (15 to 30 ml) and half the quantity of Honey should be taken on empty stomach for seven days.

For breakfast, take Papaya with a little honey and raisins and then drink a cup of hot, mildly sweet milk. The element of Papain ensures efficient working of liver.

Mix 2 tsp. of Aloe Gel with honey and eat thrice a day for 10 days.

Take 4 tsp of Tulsi juice for 2 weeks.

One part of Leucas (Thumbe in Kannada) juice mixed with 2 parts of honey is a very good remedy. Take it twice a

Mix 1 tsp of Bael leaf juice with equal quantity of honey. Take it thrice a day for a period of 7 to 8 days.

Eat a lot of dates with milk to get the essential

Take Tender Coconut water as it is the best antidote for Jaundice.

Ladies’ finger is useful.

Have Radish in salads.

Fresh sugarcane juice is good.

Take about 50gms.of soft leaves of Bel tree. Extract juice and add 1gm.of Black Pepper powder. Drink it every
morning and evening. If there is swelling, rub the juice of the Bel.

Wheatgrass juice.

Treat with Blue light over the fifth rib on the right side in the midline for 5 minutes.

A glass of Blue solarized water is to be sipped when the condition is under control.

Take Blue radiation for 5mts.on the spot which is between the eyebrows.

Mix together Amla, dry Ginger, black pepper and Turmeric in equal quantities and lick this with honey. It is a very effective cure and it restores the normal blood in the body.


No oily and heavy food items and milk cream.

Lemon juice helps in curing jaundice.