Spread Mehandi flowers on the pillows to get a good sleep.

Take half a glass of orange juice. Mix a tablespoon of
Honey. Drink this half an hour before sleep.

A simple Mustard oil massage of the feet nightly, before
retiring, cures numbing of the feet and promotes sound

Passion fruit flower helps when physical or mental strain
results in Insomnia. It is a non – addictive sedative.
Fruits are tonic.

Prepare Kheer of Jaggary, milk, Pippali and Basmati rice.
Add Ashwagandha and Honey when it is lukewarm. It inhibits
ageing and catalyzes the anabolic processes of the body.
It is Sattvic in quality. It calms and promotes deep

Extract Coriander leaves’ juice and add sugar. Prepare
syrup. Take 20 to 40 g. with equal water for a few days.


Listening to Neelaambhari Raaga cures this problem.
Lullabies are in this Raaga.