Natural remedies for Insomnia

Lettuce is very calming so much so as a sedative it can
have a hypnotic effect. It can be taken as a tea (simply
boiled) late in the evening which works well.

Mix 2 tbsp. of Honey and the juice of half a Lemon in a
glass of hot water. Stir vigorously and sip slowly an hour
before going to bed at night.

Never sleep with the feet pointing towards the south.

Spinach is a habitual headache curer. It is applied to the
head half an hour before bathing. It produces a cooling
sensation and brings on sound, refreshing sleep.

Spices and condiments such as Aniseeds, Cumin seeds, Dill,
Nutmeg and Poppy seeds serve as sedatives and
tranquillizers. They calm the brain.

6 grams of Aniseed should be taken daily in the morning and
evening. As an alternative, Aniseed and Coriander seeds
should be powdered together in equal quantities and mixed
with an equal quantity of unrefined sugar. About 12 grams
of this mixture should be taken in the morning and evening.

In the body, Asafoetida is absorbed from the intestines and
due to various volatile oils, it is excreted through lungs,
skin and kidneys, leaving a sedative effect.

Cumin seeds soothe the nervous system and are sedative. A
teaspoon of the fried powder of Cumin seeds should be mixed
with the pulp of a ripe banana and taken as the last thing
at night.

Dill is an ancient remedy for insomnia. The Greeks used to
put these leaves in their caps or used to cover their heads
with leaves to induce sleep. Keeping a few springs of Dill
leaves near the pillow, while going to bed, induces one to
sleep soundly. In fact, the Hindi name of the plant is
derived from the word “sooya” which means sleep.

About 30 grams of milk extracted from the Poppy seeds mixed
with sugar can be used for insomnia. But this should not
become a habit.

Massage the soles of the feet or the scalp with Brahmi
(Gotu kola) oil, or alternatively, with warm Sesame oil.

Brahmi means Cosmic Consciousness. This herb will help the
flow of energy in the brain between the right and left
hemispheres. The leaf looks like the two hemispheres of
the brain. The tea promotes sound sleep and peaceful,
alert awakening.

Music therapy: Bageshri Raga is good to cure Insomnia.

Get good Oranges. Peel. Get its pulp extracted after
removing its upper thin coating and tissues, then immerse
it in syrup so that it absorbs sweetness and eat it after 2
or 3 hours. It is a good tonic. If kept in an earthen pot
in ice for some time, it becomes exquisitely fragrant and
an excellent gift for health.

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