Natural remedies for Insomnia

Take Dry Ginger, Black Pepper and Hippili in equal
quantities. Make coarse powder. Take 1 tbsp. and boil in
milk. Take it before going to bed.

One of the problems of old age is insomnia. One excellent
natural remedy for insomnia is the thotta vaadi plant
(Touch-Me-Not) . For this 5 gm of leaves is taken and
boiled in a glass of water and taken at night before going
to bed. Repeating this for a couple of days will help.

Keep Dharbhai Grass under pillow. It gives good sleep and
prevents bad dreams.

Banana should be mixed with Jeera and taken.

Reduce the intake of common salt from the diet. The
reduction of salt content in the body will induce sleep

The leaves of Thiruneetru Pachilai (Ocimum Basilicum) cure
cough and sputum accumulation. They stimulate appetite
and sleep. They can be used for cooking.

Listening to Neelambari Raga brings good sleep by
stimulating the Thalamus.

The intake of the Ash Gourd juice gives a feeling of
satiation and induces sound sleep.

Ilandhai (Tamil) (Ziziphus Mavritiana) fruits reduce
stress and give sleep.

Lemon grass juice or decoction with milk can be taken.

Sleep on the mat made out of Korai (Tamil) (Cyperus
Rotundus Linn.). It reduces hunger, laziness and fever.
It cools the body and gives good sleep.

The paste of Basale soppu (Indian Spinach; Kodi Pasalai in
Tamil) can be applied on the head half an hour before a
bath. This produces a cooling sensation and brings about
a sound and refreshing sleep.

Boil 30g. Mehandi flowers in 100 ml Coconut oil till the
flowers turn red. Cool. Filter. Apply a little on the
scalp before sleep.

Sapota provides sound sleep and prevents cancer.

Passion flower tea has sedative value.

Ripe Green Grapes should be taken in plenty.

Grind Neem leaves with milk. Apply this paste on the
soles before going to bed to get undisturbed sleep.

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