Apply on the scalp Agathi leaf juice and have head bath.

Roast the Bilva raw vegetable on burning coal and apply on head and wash off. Powder Custard apple seeds. Tie in a cloth. Burn it. Make the patient inhale the smoke. Gradually, the hysteria will come down.

Hamsadwani Raga is good to calm the mind.

Stay sometime under the Banyan tree. It also removes heat and cools the mind and body.

Smell Mullai (Tamil) flowers often.

Raag Bhim Palas is good to cure anxiety.

Kannappar book reference:
Soak white Datura flowers in water and take bath daily.

Sit under the Neem tree daily for an hour for a long time.

Fan the body with the fan made out of Vettiver (Tamil; Vetiveria Zizanoides – Botanical name). It cures the hysteria and mental problems arising due to excessive of heat.

Horse gram can be taken often.

Cook Plantain flowers with Dal and eat twice a week. It cures Hysteria which is due to excessive Pitta.

Take the unripe fruits of Solanum Trilobatum plant and dry them well. Marinate in curds. After a day, dry in sunlight and store. Roast this in ghee and take.

Take fresh Grape juice daily.

4 tsp of Tulsi juice should be given to drink in the morning as well as at night. Powder of dry Tulsi leaves can also be used as snuff. Tulsi juice should be applied all over the body. This should be continued for 2 months.

Pranayama gives a tremendous control over moods.

Eat raw Ladies’ finger as often as possible.

If Sandal paste is applied daily on forehead it controls anger.