Give the person lime juice with a piece of Asafoetida in it as a drink thrice a day. This is supposed to check hysterical fits and fainting spells in particular. This should be taken for 118 days continuously.

Henna flowers have a peculiar, faint smell. Using these flowers on the hair is supposed to decrease attacks of
hysterical fits.

An infusion of the ‘Mungra’ (Round Jasmine) plant and the juice of ‘Hariali” grass are recognized home remedies given
to those who are mentally ill.

Boil cow milk. Add garlic cloves and drink daily.

Powder the leaves of Acalypha Indica (Kuppi gida in Kannada) and inhale for a long period of time.

Raw Banana can be cooked and eaten.

Soak three leaves of Bilva in water at night and drink in the morning daily.

Kannappar book reference: Fan the body with the fan made out of Vettiver (Tamil; Vetiveria Zizanoides – Botanical
name). It cures the hysteria and mental problems arising due to excessive of heat.


Green is an emotional stabilizer and Pituitary stimulant.

People who suffer from this problem should avoid using red and Yellow colour clothing as they disturb them all the

Blue is good in cases of the manic depressive for the manic phase.

Indigo radiation can be given on the Crown Chakra.

Lemon colour, like the fruit, has an antacid effect on the body, excellent for chronic conditions. It gives energy to
the cells in the stage of resistance and exhaustion and helps overcome stress.

Dharbhari Kaanada and Khamaz Ragas (Hindusthani music) bring down depression and pressure.
Bhageswari Raaga is also good.


Hot (spicy) foods should always be avoided by angry people – as should excessive amounts of sugar and heat – producing foods. Cooling foods, such as Yoghurt and Squash, are best.

One – third of the juice of an average coconut taken as the first beverage of the morning for 40 days will control
chronic anger.