Keep chewing 2 pieces of Hippili while talking.

Chew and eat a few Bilva leaves in the mornings daily.

Eat a few Brahmi leaves and drink milk for forty days to get good results.

Cook Thoodhuvalai (Tamil) and eat regularly.

Boil 4 glasses of water with a few Mint leaves. Cool and sweeten with honey. Drink it 3 times a day for 3 months.

Baje powder and honey coated on the tongue, inside of cheeks and palate is excellent in removing speech disorders. (Theraiyar mentions its intake).

Soak Almond in water for half an hour atleast and remove the skin. Add black Pepper in equal quantity.. Grind and then add sugar candy. Take it twice a day.

Take a piece of Cinnamon in mouth and chew it thoroughly before swallowing.

Make decoction from the leaves of Adadoda Vasica. Mix Hippili and Honey and drink. It improves the voice and reduces stammering.

Stitch three or four leaves of Mudduga plant (which are used to prepared food plates – Flame of the Forest plant). Keep hot rice and ghee in it.

Tie for 10 minutes. then open and mix some Rasam or Koottu with it and eat once a day. Repeat for a few days. It helps tremendously.

Try to sing; a curious fact is that those given to stammering usually do not stutter while they sing. Try pronouncing sentences in a singsong manner and later on, you can correct yourself.

Lotus seeds improve speech, help stop stuttering and improve concentration.

Regular intonation of “OM” opens up the voice box and makes the voice attractive.

Eat a petal of Lotus daily.

Mix Calamus powder with Garike Hullu juice and drink daily.