Natural Remedies for Pyorrhea

Teeth become loose in their sockets.
Mix 4 tablespoons of Lemon juice with a glass of warm water. Gargle. Continue for three days.
Twice a week use Clay powder as a tooth powder. Other days, use salt water or Lemon water. Dry Thyme, ground or powdered, can also be mixed with Clay powder.

Mix common salt and Mustard oil. Apply over teeth and rub gently. It removes pain and if used regularly, the Pyorrhea will be controlled.

Chew a piece of Cinnamon bark thrice a day or hold a concentrated decoction of it in the mouth for 5 minutes after every meal.

Drink Spinach juice mixed with Carrot juice daily.

Drink Cabbage juice mixed with Carrot juice.

The high Potassium content of the Cucumber makes this juice very valuable in helping afflictions of the teeth and gums, such as in Pyorrhea.

Powder dry Basil leaves, mix them with Mustard oil and use as a toothpaste to cure Pyorrhea and to strengthen the teeth and gums.


If the teeth are getting loose at their base, grind salt and a big leaf of Peepal. Strain it and add 3 times honey to it to use as tooth paste. Apply on the teeth and leave it for a few minutes. Let the saliva ooze out. Rinse the mouth.

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