In the first place, avoid sitting on chairs, with the feet down. Rather than using a footrest, sit with the legs loosely folded (Sukhasana or Swastikasana) even if you are sitting in a chair or on a couch.

Warm Peepul leaves and tie over legs.

Mud pack – cold or warm.

Juniper oil in bath or massage.

Rosemary oil in bath or massage.

Avoid very hot baths as they weaken the capillaries and cause little broken veins under the skin, particularly thighs.

Brahmi infusion improves circulation in the legs.

Acuroll 5 minutes.(afternoon and night before sleep) – Feet rolling.

Marigold infusion.

Gonde soppu leaf juice should be drunk. Its paste (fresh or dry powder) is to be applied with Lemon juice to facilitate circulation.

Both fruit and vegetable juices are helpful.

Vitamins C and E are very helpful for this problem.

Fruits, especially Orange and Lemon are very helpful.

Massage the legs with Lemon juice three times a day.

Take Ragi flour in an iron ladle and mix with water. Boil this. When it thickens, keep it down and apply on the legs lukewarm. Let it dry. Wash it off with hot water the next morning. Repeat for 3 days. If the pain is chronic, repeat this treatment after 10 days.

Place 1 cup of Calendula leaves, fresh or dried, into an earthenware bowel. Pour 2 cups of boiling water over the leaves. Steep for 30 mts. Strain and use on ulcers of Varicose veins as a wash.

Apply Aloe Vera juice directly. It soothes the area.

Grind Agathi Keerai, Urad dal and Turmeric and apply.

Boil Vitex Negundo and tie.

Grind the flowers and seeds of Neem and apply externally.