Natural Remedies for Tooth Problems


Powder Licorice, Pepper and Ginger and fill the cavity with it. You can also use it as a tooth powder.


Pomegranate seeds – 50 g.; Dry Ginger – 20 g,; Pepper – 20 g.; Hippili – 20 g.; Cardamom – 10 g.; Cinnamon – 10 g.; Nutmeg – 10 g.;

Dry all the items in sun. Powder and sieve. Mix 3.120 g. ash. Use it as toothpowder.


Harda, Behda, Amla – Each 10 g.; Gall nut (Masikkai in Tamil). Jaikai (Nutmeg) – Each 15 g.; Dry Ginger, Pepper, Hippili, Cardamom, Clove, Cinnamon, Camphor – Each 10 g.; Paddy Husk Ash – 120 g.; Uttaranaee all the parts’ ash (Samoolam) – 100 g. Powder all the items separately and sieve. Add Camphor powder. Add the ashes and store. Pus from tooth, bad smell, shaking of teeth, gum diseases, etc. can be cured.


Powder Jyeshthamad, Ginger and Pepper. Use it for anything from a cavity to an abscess.

Roll Mango leaf and use it as tooth brush to clean your teeth.

Apply Harda powder on the aching tooth.

Roast and powder the seeds of Butter fruit. Make decoction and gargle.

Apply honey on the aching tooth. You can also gargle with honey.

Toothache and pain in the gums can be cured by applying the paste of Tulsi leaves ground with Pepper.

Burn a piece of Turmeric root stock to ashes. Mix a little salt. Use this as tooth powder. Both toothache and tooth decay can be controlled.

Place a few young leaves of Milkweed (Amman pachcharisi in Tamil; Akki gida in Kannada) on burning coals. Smoke starts emanating. Lead this smoke through a pipe to your teeth. Toothache will disappear.

Soak a handful of rice in water mixed with Turmeric. Drain the water after half an hour. Dry this rice in the sun. Next day, mix this rice with the milky juice of Milkweed (Amman pachcharisi in Tamil; Akki gida in Kannada) and dry it again. Now roast this rice until it gets red colour and then powder it. Use it as tooth powder. It prevents toothache and tooth decay.

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