Natural Remedies for Tooth Problems

Pudina, salt and Lemon rind. Brush with this mixture monthly twice.


Gingilly helps in the problem of receding gums and tooth decay. The black seeds contain higher amount of Solar energy. Sesame oil woks like Olive oil.

Gargle warm water boiled with Jasmine leaves to get rid of toothache.

To cure all tooth problems, burn the seeds of Maghizha maram (Tamil) (Mimusops Elangi.L.) and use as toothpowder.


Harda – 10 g.; Behda – 10 g.; Amla – 10 g.; Gallnut – 15 g.; Dry Ginger – 10 g.; Pepper – 10 g.; Hippili – 10 g.; Cardamom – 10 g.; Clove – 10 g.; Cinnamon – 10 g.; Camphor – 10 g.; Paddy ash – 120 g. Powder everything. Add ash and Camphor at the end. It stops almost all the dental problems.

A mixture of powder of Neem seeds (10grams), Rock salt (10 g) and Alum (10g), mixed well can be used as a tooth powder for maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

Mixture of finely ground Alum powder 40% and Rock salt or regular salt powder 60% is a good tooth powder. For better results, a few drops of Lemon can be added. In case of dental problems, adding a little of “Sudarshan” ( a bitter Ayurvedic powder) can also be added.

Dry Ginger, Hippili, Pepper, Tej Patta, Saindava Lavana – all in equal quantities – Powder – Mix Honey or Gingilly oil or both and brush your teeth for all the dental problems and bleeding from the teeth.

Dry the Lemon rind in sunlight. Powder. Add salt. Brush your teeth with this daily to get rid of bad smell and to make the teeth shine.

Dry Sundekai (Tmil) and powder. Use it with a little salt as a tooth powder. It kills all the germs.


Dry Neem bark in sunlight. Take 200g. powder of this bark. Dry Karuvelampattai (Tamil) in sunlight and powder. Take 200g. of this. Take 5g.each of Alum, Tail pepper, Hippili and Induppu (Tamil). Make powder of everything and mix. ALL SORTS OF TOOTHPROBLEMS CAN BE CONTROLLED BY THIS TOOTH POWDER. Gums will be strong.

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