Natural Remedies for Toothache

Dry roast Asafoetida powder. Fill it in the gap of the tooth. Pain stops.

Mix a little Tamarind pulp with equal quantity of crystal salt. Keep it pressed on the paining area for some time. When the saliva oozes out, spit it out. Keep it there for 10 minutes and then spit the Tamarind too. Gargle with hot water. This reduces the pain. Repeat three times.

Mash a Betel leaf and a Clove. Keep it on the aching tooth.

Cut an Onion into pieces and rub on the aching tooth.

Take raw, green, unripe Sundekai (Tamil) and bite it. Keep that milk on the aching tooth often.

Leaves of Jambu should be dried in shade and powdered. Add Khadirasara (T – Kaviri – Catechu) and put between the teeth.

Fine powder of Haritaki (Myrobalan) should be mixed with honey and warmed in a Copper vessel and applied to the teeth. The pain disappears immediately. (Kamaratnam of Nitya Natha).

Boil five whole Cloves in a tablespoonful of Sesame oil and leave the Cloves in the oil. The oil should be warm when applied. Clove oil’s principal constituent, eugenol, a complex phenolic alcohol, is not only an extremely strong and effective antiseptic, it also has the ability to deaden and eventually destroy neural receptors ending the excruciating
suffering of toothache

You can apply hot Pepper extracts on the gums. Capsaicin in Peppers serves as a local anaesthetic and a pain killer. Other spices and condiments which serve as pain killers are Asafoetida, Bishop’s weed, Clove, Ginger, Mustard seeds, Nutmeg, Onion and Poppy seeds.

Ginger paste application relieves pain.

A cotton swab should be drenched with one or two drops of Cinnamon oil or Tulsi oil and placed on a painful tooth to get relief.

Put the seeds of Kandakhari (Kandan gaththiri in Tamil) on burning coal and expose the tooth to the smoke. The germs die.

Take a piece of Turmeric, roast it and powder. Fill this powder in the cavity caused by tooth decay. Soon there will be relief.

Chew Cynodon dactylon (Arugampul –Tamil; Garike hullu –Kannada) to get rid of ache.

Boil Mustard seeds and make a soft paste. Apply it over the affected tooth.

Mix common salt and Mustard oil. Apply over teeth and rub gently. It removes pain and if used regularly, the Pyorrhoea will go away.

Keep Garikehullu (Cynodon Dactylon) juice in the mouth for some time. It relieves the pain.


Mix together equal amounts of whole Cloves and vegetable oil and allow it to soak for several weeks. Cinnamon oil can also be made in the same way.

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