Natural Remedies for Headache

If the headache is due to water retention in the head, boil Vitex Negundo (Lakki soppu in Kannada; Nirgundi in Hindi; Nochchi in Tamil) in water and take the steam. Alternately, take Ginger powder half a teaspoon and a little Cinnamon powder. Boil in 200 ml water and reduce to half the quantity. Add milk and sugar. Drink and sleep covering your body well.

Grind 6 Cloves with a little Cow Milk. Add some more milk and boil. When it thickens, switch off. Apply on the forehead when it is lukewarm.

Rub Neem seeds with warm water on a hard surface. Apply the extract on the forehead.

The gemstone Amethyst is a great help in headaches and insomnia. Poke and rub the temples of the head gently with the top and the side of the stone.

Basil leaves help in reducing the headache. A decoction should be taken. Powdered leaves with Sandalwood paste can be applied on forehead.

The headache produced by exposure to cold air is readily removed by plastering the temples and the forehead with a paste of finely powdered Cinnamon in water. Rubbing the forehead with Cinnamon oil also relieves headache.

A paste of Clove and salt crystals in milk is a common household remedy for headaches. While Clove halps reduce pain, salt as a hygroscopic agent, absorbs fluid and decreases tension.

Coriander seeds’ poultice can be used.

Spinach is a habitual headache curer. It is applied to the head half an hour before bathing.

Mix a little Lemon juice either with Coffee or with Tea and drink without milk.

Powder Black Jeera and apply.

Grind Tail Pepper and apply.

Extract the juice of Puliyarai keerai (Pullam puruchi soppu in Kannada) and white Onion in equal quantities and soak a thin cloth in this. Apply on the forehead to cure chronic headaches.

Grind a few Thumbe flowers (Leucas Aspera) with cow milk. Smear on a cloth. Tie on the temples.

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