Take equal quantities of Araikkeerai (Tamil) and Gingilly oil. Add Kasthuri Harshna, pepper and black Cumin seeds in equal quantities after crushing them. Make oil. Use it for head bath.

Grind Champak flowers with Olive oil and apply externally.

Take a green but ripe guava which is not soft. Rub it on a stone plate to make a paste. Apply it to the forehead BEFORE SUNRISE every day for about a week. This may not be suitable for those suffering from cold or during the winter season.

If the headache comes often, take 15 pepper corns and a little Karisalankanni (Tamil) and grind together. Eat on empty stomach in the morning for 21 days continuously.

Boil Harda and Clove in a glass of water in a mud pot. Reduce to half the quantity. Filter. Take a teaspoon of it twice a day.

Take all the five parts of Puliaraikkerai (Pullam puruchi soppu in Kannada) and grind with Onion and a little water. Apply externally.