Roast 150 g. Wheat flour. Take 100 g. Jaggary. Powder it. Add to the flour. Add a little Ghee. Mix everything. Eat 15 g. to 20 g. for 3 to 5 days.


Juice of Kamrakh (Star Fruit) should be extracted by squeezing as may be sufficient enough to cook 3 ounces of rice. This rice should be eaten. Then the patient should cover himself and sleep. This relieves acute and chronic pains. If the first dose fails to ward off the pain completely, a second administration is necessary. It is a tried and tested remedy.


Spread Jasmine flowers under the pillow and sleep.

Take a mud pot. Use wood pieces to burn. Pour half a litre Neem oil and add a handful of black Tulsi leaves. Prepare oil. Apply on temples to get rid of pain.

Blue solarized oil can be applied all over the scalp and left overnight. Blue radiation can be given on head for about 30 minutes.

Grind the skin of a large Cardamom and apply to the forehead. You can also add a Clove and a stalk of a Betel leaf to this.

Rub Cinnamon oil lightly on temples.

Stuff a pillow with Vitex Negundo leaves and sleep using it The leaves can also be ground with dry Ginger and applied externally.

Warm a little Lemon juice and apply.

Soak 1 part of Saffron in 80 parts of water. Filter. Drink 50 to 100 ml. per dose.

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