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Natural Remedies for Headache

SINUS HEADACHE It may appear with unfailing regularity in the morning or forenoon and may be worsened by stooping. It relates to Kapha dosha. Apply a Ginger paste to the forehead and Sinuses. Rub a Jaiphal seed (Nutmeg) on a stone and apply the paste over the nostrils and forehead. TEMPORAL HEADACHE It indicates an excess of Pitta [...]

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Natural Remedies for Partial Headache

PARTIAL HEADACHE By anointing the nose with Lime and Dry Ginger, white and black Pepper pounded together, the headache is cured. Drink an ounce of Black Grapes’ juice daily for a few days. Boil white Ekka flower, Turmeric, Garlic and pepper with Gingilly oil and take oil bath with this thrice a week. This cures the pain [...]

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Natural Remedies for Headache

SURYAVARTHA HEADACHE (Starting at Sunrise, increasing at noon and decreasing by Sunset) Mix Cow’s curds and Rice and eat early morning before Sunrise for 3 to 4 days. It can also be continued till you get cured. Make a paste of 10 g. Jaggary and 5 g. black Gingilly, using milk. Add 5 g. Ghee. Warm it. [...]

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Natural Remedies for One Sided Headache

Grind Tulsi leaves and add Sandal paste. Apply on the forehead. Break Neem seeds and scoop out the flesh. Mash it and apply on the forehead. Place a pinch of ground Saindav salt on tongue and drink water. Take 2tbsp.Turmeric powder and Asafoetida powder. Put them in a piece of paper and burn the same. Inhale the [...]

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Natural Remedies for Headache

Take equal quantities of Araikkeerai (Tamil) and Gingilly oil. Add Kasthuri Harshna, pepper and black Cumin seeds in equal quantities after crushing them. Make oil. Use it for head bath. Grind Champak flowers with Olive oil and apply externally. Take a green but ripe guava which is not soft. Rub it on a stone plate to make a [...]

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Natural Remedies for Headache

If the headache is due to water retention in the head, boil Vitex Negundo (Lakki soppu in Kannada; Nirgundi in Hindi; Nochchi in Tamil) in water and take the steam. Alternately, take Ginger powder half a teaspoon and a little Cinnamon powder. Boil in 200 ml water and reduce to half the quantity. Add milk and sugar. Drink and [...]

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TO STOP PAINS DUE TO FALL Roast 150 g. Wheat flour. Take 100 g. Jaggary. Powder it. Add to the flour. Add a little Ghee. Mix everything. Eat 15 g. to 20 g. for 3 to 5 days. PAIN DUE TO INJURY Juice of Kamrakh (Star Fruit) should be extracted by squeezing as may be sufficient enough to [...]

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CALF MUSCLE PAIN Hold the kitchen slab. Raise your heels and stand on ten toes. Now, raise your toes and stand on your heels. Keep repeating for about 5 minutes daily for a few days. GLASS PIECES IN SOLES Grind Omam (Ajwain) with Jaggary and tie there. Even small pieces of glass come out. HIP PAINS Massage Iluppai [...]

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HEEL PAIN Take Cyperus Rotundus powder ½ to 1 g twice a day. PAINS OUT OF EXCESS VATHA Fill a glass bottle with 150 ml of Coconut oil. Fill it to the brim with Champa flowers and keep in sunlight for a week. Massage this on the spot of Vatha pains and swellings twice a [...]

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TEN MINUTES OF GENUINE BELLY LAUGHTER HAS AN ANESTHETIC EFFECT AND WILL GIVE  THE PATIENT AT LEAST TWO HOURS OF PAINFREE SLEEP. BANANA PEELS The skin of Bananas placed wherever there is muscular pains or pain resulting from scratching prevents swelling and relieves pain. The banana skin is GERMPROOF. (Harish Johari in “Danwantari”).

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