Natural remedies for Pneumonia and Typhoid


Garlic is a marvelous remedy, if given in sufficient quantities. It always brings down the temperature, pulse
and respiration. Garlic juice can also be applied externally to the chest with beneficial results.


A teaspoon of Garlic juice should be given mixed in either jaggery syrup or fruit juice, every four hours.

Mix quarter spoon of Pepper powder with 2 tsp of Tumbe (Leucas Aspera) leaves’ juice. Take this thrice a day to cure common cold, fever and even for Typhoid.

Take 25 g. of soft Bel (Bilva) leaves. Grind them coarsely. Boil in 200 g. of water. When the water is reduced to one fourth, drink it in 5 to 10 g. doses at least 5 times at 3 hourly intervals. Honey can also be added for more energy. Dip cloth in Bel leaves’ juice and keep on the forehead.

For Typhoid and seasonal fevers, take a teaspoon of powder of the dry pulp of the Bael fruit to bring down temperature.

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