Cough Soothers


Take 1 tsp. Chhoti Pipal and 1 tsp. black Pepper. Grind them together
coarsely. Make thick sugar syrup by adding 6 tsp. of sugar to about 6 tsp.
of water and boiling them till the syrup becomes thick. Add the mixture
and cool till it sets hard like chakki. Break into pieces and store. Suck
a piece as and when required to get relief from sore throat and cough.


Put 2 or 3 tender Adhatoda leaves in a cup of water, boil and reduce to
half. Drink ½ cup thrice daily for 7 days.

Make juice or paste or powder of Adhatoda leaves. Add ½ tsp. Ginger to
this and drink thrice a day.

Cook a little of Amla powder in milk add a little ghee and drink it in the

Mix 2 tbsp of Ginger juice and pomegranate juice. Add a tbsp of honey and
take twice a day.

Take 50 g. Licorice, 25 g. each of Cumin seeds and Pepper. Roast lightly
and powder. Take ½ tsp. of it with honey thrice a day.


A tablespoon of Bishop’s weed seeds crushed and tied up in a cloth can be
used for inhalation. A similar bundle placed near a pillow, while
sleeping, also relieves nasal congestion. for infants, a small pouch can
be pinned to their dress under the chin when they are sleeping.

Boil 5cm Cinnamon powder coarse powder in a glass of water with a pinch of
Pepper powder and Honey. This can be taken for cold, influenza, sore throat
and malaria. Cinnamon oil, mixed with honey, also gives immense relief
from cold.

Quercetin, concentrated in Onion, has antiviral and antibacterial activity.
o it is helpful in cold and influenza.


Collect the flesh of a good White Pumpkin upto 3k.g. Cut into small pieces
and steam. Then, tie in a thin white cloth and extract the juice. Put the
Pumpkin pieces in a pan and fry well in Cow Ghee. Melt 1 ½ kg. Diamond
sugar in the Pumpkin juice and filter. Make syrup. Stir the Pumpkin
pieces fried in ghee. Take Hippili, Pepper, Cumin, Dry Ginger, Coriander
seeds, Cinnamon and Pachchilai (Tamil) each 50g.and powder. Add this to
the Lehya and add some more Ghee. After cooling, store in a glass bottle.
Dose: take this Lehya about the size of a small Amla in the morning and
evening. It removes the cold related problems.

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