Some Medicinal Herbs and Oils for Cold

Extract juice from “Bael” leaves, mix it with equal quantities of Gingilly oil and heat thoroughly. Add a few seeds of black Pepper and half a teaspoon of Black Cummin to the hot oil and remove from fire. Store the oil and use when necessary. Massage a teaspoonful into the scalp before a head bath. Regular use builds up resistance to colds and coughs. These are medicinal herbs and oils for cold

Heat Mustard oil in a pan. Add 5 pieces of Garlic and roast. Cool and bottle. When the cold is in the initial stage, take a teaspoon of this oil and rub on the chest.

Boil Leucas Aspera (Thumbe Hoovu) flowders in Gingilly oil. Apply over the scalp. Wash off.

If the children cough severely, give a teaspoon of honey.


A decoction of Linseed sweetened with sugar candy can be taken like tea with beneficial effects for those suffering from chronic cold and cough. Even children could be given this tea to prevent attacks of wheezing and asthma.

Take 4 small Onions and chew them. Then, drink a glass of hot water.

Mix Alum with double amount of sugar candy. Powder. Divide into 15 packages. Take one daily with water or milk. It will give relief at the earliest.

Place a piece of Black salt in mouth. Do not chew it but let it dissolve slowly in mouth.

Have 2 spoonfuls of Amla juice in the morning and evening. It will remove the trapped phlegm.

Crush Thumbe (Leucas Aspera) leaves in the palms and inhale the juice.

If the nose runs severely, burn coconut fibre and inhale the smoke.

Grind Neem leaves and Ajwain. Apply on forehead and neck.

Extract juice from Doddipatre (Kannada) leaves and Tulsi leaves. Take a tsp of it as and when required.

Powder equal quantities of dry Ginger, Pepper and Cumin seeds. Boil in 2 glasses of water. Reduce to half the quantity. Add sugar candy and drink.

Heat a mud pot. Put a few Pepper corns and roast till red. Add a glass of water and close it with a lid. When it boils, take half of it and drink. Drink the remaining half in the evening. Even the fever will be cured.

Take 15 g. Cumin seeds, roast it lightly and powder. Add equal sugar candy. When the cough comes, chew ½ tsp of this powder and drink warm water. Take twice a day for a few days.